Getting Started…


Well this is my first foray into the world of blogging, and my aim is to post my thoughts about, and provoke discussion on, topics related to history, heritage, museums and battlefield touring.

By way of an introduction, I am a museum and heritage professional, and part-time battlefield guide.  My areas of interest are varied.  My current role requires me to have a professional interest in the Second World War, although I have a personal passion for the period which I term the ‘industrialisation of warfare’, and which I think really stretches from 1860 or thereabouts, until the end of the First World War.  Within that period my favourite period (or if you listen to my wife – my obsession) is the American Civil War.

As part of my interest in this period, I have visited related sites and battlefields in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and the United States of America, and over the course of this blog I hope to share my thoughts on some of them.

Well that is enough of an introduction and I will be back shortly with my first ‘proper’ blog.  In the meantime I will leave with a question.  Can anyone identify the battlefield shown in the picture above this article?  Leave your answers below…


4 thoughts on “Getting Started…

  1. What a marathon – full of detail about so much in varied areas. I too look forward to your next “blog” – huge learning curve. Don’t know the whereabouts of the battlefield but guess it’s got to be Germany/Austria?
    Janet Stamde


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